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Processing Charges

International Society of Indexing (ISI) collects minimal Processing charges to calculate the Impact Factor of the Journal. These charges are listed as:

                        For Annual  Impact Factor Calculation                                                                Rs. 1200  or $25.0 per Journal.
                        For Half Yearly Impact Factor Calculation                                                          Rs.  900 or $18.0 per Journal

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Journal Should bear an ISSN number.
  2. The Journal Should have an unique URL.
  3. All the past Issues of the Journal must be made available at the time of calculation of Impact Factor(In case of closed access Journals)
  4. At least 2 issues(with at least 3-5 articles each) of the Journal must be published at the time of Evaluation of the Journal.
  5. The Code of Conduct for Authors & Editors and the type of Review Process followed by the Journal must be Clearly specified on the Journal Website.
  6. The Journal must follow standard Templates for Publishing the Articles.

Apply for ISI Impact Factor

The publishers of all International and National Level Academic/Research Journals may apply for ISI Impact Factor by furnishing the following data in the contact form.
          Name of the Journal

          Journal Web url
          Number of Issues per Year
          Contact Mail Id of Publisher
          Access to the Journal Articles  (Open/ Closed)

Please fill-in the form with the required details and our Operations Team will get in touch with you to help you further.

To know about the Evaluation Methodology followed to evaluate the Impact Factor of the Journal, Please click Here