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International Society of Indexing(ISI) is an International society which provides services in the field of Journal publishing such as Indexing of Research Journals, Evaluation of ISI Journal Impact Factor, Publisher Impact Factor, Indexing of Conferences/Seminar Proceedings etc.

The purpose of Indexing the Journals is to enhance the visibility of the journal and hence the published articles. The Impact Factor provides a quantitative comparison for evaluating the journals for excellence. Journals with higher impact factors deemed to be more important than those with lower ones.

At ISI, We constantly monitor the quality standards of the submitted Journals and also notify the publishers the way they can improve quality of the journal.


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Indexing Services:                          

Indexing is a crucial parameter for all the Academic/Research Journals in order to increase their visibility, Increased visibility of the Journal would imply more number of Authors would come to know about the Journal.


International Society of Indexing(ISI) provides indexing services for all International and National level Academic /Research Journals and Conference Proceedings etc. To know more about our Indexing Services, please click here


Impact Factor:

The ISI Impact Factor (ISI-IF) of an Academic/Research  journal indicates the relative importance of a journal within a subject area & reflects the average number of citations to the recent articles published in the particular journal.


The ISI Impact Factor (ISI-IF) provides a quantitative and qualitative ranking for evaluating the journals for excellence. This also includes Journal audit by ISI evaluation team suggesting betterments & areas of improvement. To know more, please click here.