Importance of Indexing a Journal

Indexing is a crucial parameter for all the Academic/Research Journals in order to increase their visibility, Increased visibility of the Journal would imply more number of Authors would come to know about the Journal.
At ISI, we create indexes for all the registered Journals. We maintain the records so that the Authors can easily reach the required record and know about the Journal.

International Society of Indexing(ISI) provides indexing services for all International and National level Academic /Research Journals and Conference Proceedings etc. 

Note: Indexing of Journals is a complete FREE service by ISI.

Journal Indexing

Procedure followed at ISI for Indexing & Evaluation of Impact Factor

1. The Publisher of the Journal writes to and furnishes following information
           Name of the Journal
           Number of Issues per year
           Journal Web Url
2. After Verifying the details,the Journal is indexed on the ISI website and the title of the Journal Appears in the Master Journal List.
3. The Publisher of the Journal is contacted for further details such as Type of Review Process, Editorial Policy etc.
4. The most recent two issues are considered for Calculation of Impact Factor.
5. The Publisher will remit the processing fee towards Evaluation of Impact Factor.
6. The Impact Factor is calculated and published on the ISI website.
7. The publisher will be provided with the Certificate indicating the Impact Factor.

Name of the Journal  
Journal URL  
Editor/Publisher E-Mail Id  


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